Thursday, 20 August 2009

Club Night 11th August

Hi There! Been a bit lazy about updating, so you are going to get bombarded with posts tonight. First up is last Tuesday game with Ryan. We finally got round to doing our much postponed and delayed 40k of Orks against Blood Angels. We decided to make it 1,500 points and to do a Planet Strike to top it all off! Ryan took the role of the Orks and defenders and set up the board, two defensive lines occupied adjacent corners with an automated lascannon in each, in the other two corners two bastions as part of more defensive lines. Then in the very centre a huge bastion with a quad-autocannon, protected by aVoid Shield (cunnin' Orky know-wots!).
Despite using scorched skies to increase the effectiveness of my fire storm, with the bastion in the centre impervious I only succeeded in destroying the two automated lascannons. The Sons of Sanguinius then leapt into the battle field. Three assault squads flew in on their jump packs, supported by a dreadnought in a drop pod. Their initial fire was ineffective, and they had dropped too far from the bastion to assault it that turn. Their the Ork reinforcements started to turn up led by a bike squad. Fire from the bastions (we had replaced all the heavy bolters with more Orky big shootas) began to take their toll. But then the Death Company arrived and swept the Bikes away with a terrifying number of attacks. A well place melta bomb finally bought down the central bastion and forced the gigantic 30 strong mob out into the open. Proving they can have even more attacks they assaulted one of the Assault squads and annihilated them, before the Death Company retaliated destroying the boyz before they fell under the counter attack of the Nobz and their Warboss. My tactical squad had arrived by now and opened fire, only to be assualted by the Warboss.

By the time the dust settled over 35 Orks had died and over a dozen Marines and their Chaplain. All that was left was one very angry (and slightly lonely) Warboss! Away from this one Assault squad of Marines was single-handedly taking the other half of the battlefield. They destroyed a mob of Orks who had deployed from a trukk to stop them, jumped across to put an end to the Deathkopters, then jumped back to occupy the empty bunker. Unfortunately this is where they took their losses. Down to 3 from their starting 5 through the victorious assaults, they took a pot shot at the trukk(now quite useless as it had lost its big shoota) with their plasma pistol. It proceeded to be destroyed, roll on the trukk damage table, before shooting off out of control directly towards the marines, and exploding, leaving a bemused Sergeant alone. And alone he was as he was the last surviving Marine. The Orks still held this world and another attempt would have to be made to wrench it form them.

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