Thursday, 20 August 2009

Club Night 14th August

Friday Duncan and I did a little Warhammer, matching Slaaneshi Daemons against the forces of the Empire. After we had a good laugh about the fact that even using Army Builder I failed to pick a correct army by forgetting to add my Furies in completely. After some furious scribbling we did out first game, and suffice to say I lost!
We then set up again and tried a second game. Below you can see the Daemons advancing on the Empire centre. You will notice on the left of the Empire line the unit that gave me all the problems, a Steam Tank! I just had nothing in my Army that could counter it, and once it had contacted a unit it was just a matter of time before it destroyed them.Unlike the first game I managed to contact the big spearmen unit led by a Warrior Priest and finally break it. Despite the casualties I inflicted that Steam tank had done enough to edge it on victory points for the Empire.
If I decide to take this army to WOFF I will need to think how I'll cope with big gribbles. The Steam Tank is the worst, but I will need to be able to take down tree-men, giants and the like. Back to the drawing board...

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