Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mike's Place

As I had a week off work I took the opportunity to have a relaxing few days up in Derbyshire with Mike Blake from the Skirmish Wargamers.

On Monday after I arrived Mike helped me convert some command groups for my ongoing Saratoga project in 54mm, using primarily Armies in Plastic (AIP) figures.

On Tuesday we headed to Leeds and the Royal Armouries for some historical sight seeing. Rather than post all the pictures here, I have uploaded them to Flickr and they can be seen here.

Mr Mike BlakeOn Wednesday, after a trip to Caliver books where I picked up my own copy of the Impetus rules, we spent the rest of the day modelling. Initially Mike finished off the green stuff wings and backpacks for my British Grenadiers, while I did the Bases for the Al Andalusia figures he has been doing and are on show at Devizes Show this weekend, we then swapped roles and I started paining some of my British and Mike finished off the Moors.

Another lovely , relaxing break in the Derbyshire Dales. Now back to normality!

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  1. It was good fun having Leigh's company, as always. When his AWI armies are finished the set up will look really good. Trouble is he has too many other interests which distract him...