Monday, 6 July 2009

Club Night 2nd July

5 of us gathered up the club to play a multi-player 40k game. Once we had all arrived, set up a table and established who was on which side we set up. Steve and his Shadow marine and Simon and his Eldar set up first as the defenders, picking 3 objectives on the table. The other three armies arrived using the planet strike reserve rolls and needed to hold 2 out of 3 objectives at the end to claim the win.

We chose to enter the side the Eldar held objective was, with the plan to quickly seize this with Les' Orks and Mike's Chaos Marines, with the more mobile elements striking across the table to take the other building, this one held by the shadow marines. My Blood Angels embraced Chaos and joined these two armies by deep striking directly into the defensive lines around the final objective

My force had little chance of survival, especially if this highly risky manoeuvre failed, but my main role was to occupy the heavy weapons troops occupying the defences and prevent them reinforcing or supporting either of the other objectives.

And this is exactly what I did, despite losing 3 death company landing on the roof of one of the bunkers, during their second deep strike, having survived a mishap the first time, and the weight of fire from 2 Devastator squads and a tactical squad, I managed to keep them occupied, despite the intervention of some Howling Banshees for the entire game, even if I did leave a few enemy surviving within the defence line after I was finally wiped out.

Meanwhile my allies managed to make hard work of the first objective, the Khornate terminators struggling to shift the Dire Avengers, but finally broke through, leading a spectacular mechanised assault on the second objective. As the game came to a close we managed to hold two objectives, so were able to claim a hard fought victory.

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