Saturday, 18 July 2009

Club Night 17th July

Just a Brief post, and I forgot to take any snaps. Played a Flames of War with Rick, Mike and Colin. I took the German Panzergrenadiers with Rick against the Americans under Mike and Colin.

We played the meeting engagement scenario and this made an immense difference in how the game played. it flowed more like World War 2, looked better and opened up a whole new set of tactical challenges. This has always been my concern up until now, that although the rules are easy and fun, they don't feel right, but playing this scenario has overcome this and I look forward to trying some more scenarios.

The Americans took the first turn and advanced their light tanks across the table, while their infantry occupied the farm to their front. The Germans emerged from behind the ridge and opened fire on the infantry and artillery, pinning the infantry and killing the platoon commander.

The Stuarts continued their advance while the artillery and leaderless infantry platoon put ineffective fore into the German half-tracks and tanks. With the Stuarts now on the objective the Germans Panzers were forced to turned right and engage them, destroying them easily with their powerful guns. meanwhile the Panzergrenadiers stayed in the half-tracks and drove straight into the farm and forced the Americans back.

The American armour arrived and with the artillery firing directly opened up on the exposed flanks of the German Armour, while their 2iC restored command to the infantry. But the Germans responded again, turning their tanks back around and engaging and destroying a pair of Shermans, and the infantry pressed forward out of the farm and rove back and dispersed the American infantry.

Although the second unit of Shermans arrived and inflicted a fearful toll on the exposed Panzergrenadiers and their half tracks, the immense casualties where too much for the Americans and the company withdrew, leaving the battlefield in German hands.

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