Monday, 12 April 2010

Show Game Update and Flames of War Campaign

Luke and I popped up the club to do a quick dry-brush on the boards and then play our next campaign game. The Dry-brush improved the look of the terrain instantly and popped out some of the detail.
Our next campaign game was a cauldron battle with the British as the defenders. Luke set up his Motor Rifle platoon in the small village with a crusader platoon in support. A platoon of Grants were hidden in immediate Ambush. The Italians deployed their Bersaglieri and the Servomentes with artillery in support. Under the bombardment the Beraglieri advanced on the town and a vicious close combat ensued resulting in the British being pushed out, although the supporting attack from the opposite flank by a Carri platoon was stopped dead by the Crusaders.Despite a desperate final counter attack by the British the Italians held on for a minor victory and increased their lead in the campaign. Under an increasing counter attack from the Italian the next mission will be a British Delayed Withdrawal.

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