Monday, 26 April 2010

Salute 2010

Salute was a great success. The game was easy to set up and played well despite all the many distractions. I spent a great deal of the game talking to a large portion of the public. I had thought the game would be little more than another medieval and would not attract much interest. Instead I was overwhelmed by the reception it received, in terms of numbers, interest and positive comment. It made all the hard work worth while, and was an added bonus as this was such a personal project. And the Poles finally got a victory as an added bonus!

I was so bus with the game I didn't get a great deal of time to look around, I managed to pick up my ordered from Peter Pig and catch up with Martin, Julie and Nigel. I tried to collect my Bersigaleri box set from Caliver, but battlefront had not delivered it, so Dave was very apologetic and had it shipped and with me by the end of the following week. I also ordered those odd extra bits direct from battlefront. I didn't see anything else from the trade that really excited me, except for the new release from the Smog range, which I just can't afford, but would love to have!

I managed to have a peak at a few games, nothing particularly stuck out for me. The skirmish wargames put on a colonial game that looked really good and was nice to catch up with everyone there. The winner of beat game was Ian and his colleagues with a large scale Kamikaze participation game that looked superb, but I did not have time to play. The rest of the games where the usually incredibly high quality, but nothing stood out from the crowd.

Luke took some pictures of the game which I will add when he send them to me.

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