Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Colours 2009 - 12th September

Last Saturday the club headed off to Newbury for Colours in the grandstand at the Racecourse. I really like this venue, although moving stuff in to the multiple floors can be a bit of a pain, the glass side makes it a really nice airy location compared to some.

We ran three games during the day and everyone seemed to really enjoy them, coming back for more games if they could. I think I let the photos speak for themselves.

My favourite moment is below, as an Israeli and Arab ran across the main road to cover completely ignoring each other as they tried to avoid the incoming fire. You can also see the working lights in this picture!

As far as trade went I didn't see anything particularly exciting, and certainly nothing that tempted me to part with my money, but then I am in the midst of doing the Teutons and Poles so I have enough for now!

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