Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Club Night 18th September

Another multiple post coming. At least I have an excuse this time. I have been busy finishing off the assembly and basing of the figures for next years show game and starting work on the army list.
Last week, Steve K and I fought for King and Country against the Parliamentarians under Steve H, Bob and Scott. For some of the game we were joined by Finn and his friends. These are some young lads who been up a couple of time with their parents and although they can't stay all evening it is great to see some new young blood and I find their enthusiasm quite invigorating.
Which is more than can be said for the game! Using Steve K's rules based on Fire and Fury with a clever name I can't remember we defended basing house. I took the right and immediately attacked with my Cavalry and enjoyed early success.

However it did not last, some dodgy dice rolling and astute maneouvering on Bob's part turne the table on me and I quickly found most of my Cavalry almost on my own table edge. Fortunately Duncan had arrived and taken over the infantry and was putting up a sterling fight in the centre. Unable to hot anything with missile fire, his pikemen where performing brilliantly.

It is only as Duncan managed to stall Scott's infantry in the centre we realised what had happened on our right flank, as until now we had been too busy worrying about our own fights. Steve K appeared to have put Steve H to flight and a unit of finest Royalist cavalry swept into the disordered infantry in the centre, winning a fine Royalist victory!

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