Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ice Cold in Alex Disaster !

Had a disaster with the Ice Cold in Alex objective. I sprayed it with the army painter anti-shine matt varnish and when it dried it went all crackly and had ruined the paint job. I'm very disappointed with this, although I have sprayed the entire Italian army and the British for Luke with no problem. We even sprayed the Gustaronti platoon and the Crusader CS at the same time and worked fine. All I can think is it was the end of the can and it was the last thing I spayed or I applied it a bit heavy. In either case it doesn't fix it so I am going to try gently rubbing it back with some fine wet and dry and hope it doesn't need to much touching up after that.

If anyone else has had similar experiences and might know the case please let me know.

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