Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Show Terrain Update

Luke and I headed up the club to do some work on the terrain for the show, and made some quick, but impressive progress by laying the first texturing across the board which has really tied it all together and made it look like the end is in sight. The texture mixture is our own unique recipe, entirely plagiarised from the excellent terrain made by the annoyingly talented, but altogether nice bloke, Neil, over at Troop of Shrew. It consists of water, washing-up liquid, pre-coloured tile grout and sand mixed to give a fairly thick consistency, similar to porridge. We then spooned it onto the boards and spread with a large brush. We then stippled it with the same brushes to add some extra texture, and finally took a wet 25mm brush and 'painted' the road on and used the end of an old brush to mark some ruts into the road.

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