Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Club Night 23rd October

I'm not gone! After the warhammer tournament there was a week away from gaming for Luke's birthday. A group of us took a trip to warfighters, a combat weekend unlike any other. A little weary, we returned home and the following Friday I played three games with Duncan

First up was a Helldorado, using the basic boxed sets of Westerners against Saracens. I won, but narrowly. As this was the first proper game of this I have played we missed loads of things, but was fun and has wetted my appetite for more.

Next was a couple of mangled metal against tooth and claw, Hordes vs. Warmachine games. Its been while since I did any hordes, but was again good fun, even if I lost both games. Warcasters seem to be quite a bit tougher than your average Warlock, so may need to refine my tactics, or get some more Warbeasts!

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