Peace for Galilee: The Game Rules

In 2009 Crawley Wargames club presented an Arab-Israeli participation skirmish game. This proved extremely popular and was great fun to run. Luke deserves full credit for this, he came up with the ideas, provided the figures and buildings and wrote the rules based on Fantasy Flight games DOOM board game. After much prompting I have finally got around to organising the rules. Over the next few weeks I will gradually update this till they are all here in a clear manner.

Our game was run using 25mm figures from Mongrel miniatures re-based on to 25mm round resin bases. Although we had a lot of figures each game only used 8, 4 for each side, 1 per player The extra figures allowed us to swap the teams about a bit each game. The terrain was 5 foot square of custom built urban terrain, with plenty of buildings, blocked fire paths and lost of scatter to make it as interesting as possible. Also needed will be some sets of cards (initiative cards, numbered 1-10 for each side, and a set of chance cards, I forget how many, split between yes and no, with a few heroic success and the same number of totally failure), measuring sticks (for 25mm and a 5 foot table we used increments of 2", but rather than everyone have to work this out all the time we painted some rods in 2" increments for measuring and so every player had one), a character sheet and counters for them (more on this later) for each player.

Most important though are the dice. Based on the doom dice we created out own sets with plain dice and stuck labels on them. Each player needs 6 dice, 1 red, 1 yellow, 2 blue and 2 green. A random direction dice is also need, but one for the whole game is sufficient

The Dice
On each face of the dice is a numeric score and a number of heart and bullet icons
Red dice: X / 0 + 4 hearts + bullet / 1 + 3 hearts/ 1 + 3 hearts + bullet / 2 + 2 hearts / 3 + 1 heart
Yellow dice: X / 1 + 3 hearts / 2 + 2 hearts/ 2 + 1 heart / 3 + 1 heart + bullet / 4 + bullet
Blue dice: 0 + 2 hearts / 0 + 2 hearts / 0 + 3 hearts / 0 + 3 hearts / 1 + 1 heart / 1 + 2 hearts
Green dice: 1 + 1 heart / 2  / 2  / 2 + 1 heart / 3  / 3

Turn Sequence:
Team A actions;
Team B actions

The team Leader secretly plays one of their cards. When revealed the highest card chooses to be team A or B.
If a draw teams remain as previous turn.

Team Actions
In a turn each team member may perform two actions.

Aim - During your next Ranged attack against a target in LOS you may reroll any of the dice and your target can not claim any cover.
Attack – One Melee (Base contact, Range 0) or Ranged attack.
Move - Move 2 bars, Climb one flight of stairs, change one level in a building,
Ready – Ends your Turn, may interrupt an enemy’s move action and make one attack.
Reload – Reload one weapon to maximum capacity.
Special Action – Make an action as detailed by your skills.

  1. Declare target and Check Line of Sight(as defined by umpire)
  2. Roll attack dice as shown on your weapon.
  3. Determine Success. If a X is rolled the attack misses. Total the numbers, if equal or greater than the range the attack hits.  If any bullets are rolled lose one ammo from your weapon.
  4. Inflict Wounds. Total up hearts on dice, every multiple of the toughness inflicts one wound.Cover (as defined by the umpire) increases toughness by 1.For every wound lose one heart.

Weapon Abilities.
Accurate +X – Add X to score rolled to determine attack success.
Bipod – Take a special action to set up. All subsequent shots gain accurate +5 until you move.
Blast X – Can target any point, if misses scatters by a roll of the yellow dice, a miss is a dud round. Blast of X bars radius, inflicts wounds on everyone under the template
Deadly + X – Add X to number of hearts scored.
Single Shot – Discard an Ammo token every time fired. May only fire once per turn

Rules for Peace for Galilee based on original rules for DOOM: THE BOARD GAME, Copyright (c) Fantasy Flight Games. All Rights Reserved.